What we do


Customary data centers might not meet the present business objectives. Transforming to a modular data center environment will allow you to benefit fully from your data centers as well as giving you the edge for your distributed IT. You can now accomplish larger amounts of adaptability, cost control, and a more agile data center impression for your on-premises benefit delivery model.

Our Data Centre Facilities Consulting Services

An entire arrangement of consulting, engineering and building facilities management to assist you with design, implementation, and more productive operational control of your data center facility.

Strategy Development

Develop an IT Strategy inclusive and within your data center facility strategy. We enable you to decide what number of data centers you'll require, where they ought to be located, how extensive, and what sort they ought to be. We test your key alternatives of building and owning the data center, outsourcing it, or utilizing a co-location alternative. In light of technique, we build the conceptual technology foundation of design, scalable growth design, sourcing choices, and cost models. We'll work with you as your trusted partner of choice for the whole transformation of your data center facility footprint.

Evaluate the abilities of your IT operations, Infrastructure, and administrative frameworks, and completely understand the present and future state IT and facilities requirements for your data center strategy.

Our Data Centre Facility Design and Implementation

Breathe life into your data centers. Our turnkey administrative services can be the prime integrated partner and manage the entire solution, or we can collaborate in partnership.

Facility Design

Trusted hands to create the master blueprints based on your particular needs. We give a point by point plan that is customized to meet your particular innovation and meet specific technology and data centre goals and outline every energy efficient need. We give everything from the calculated physical data center configuration to schematic plan, comprehensive design development and construction reports, and other tools. This ultimately helps you to determine accessibility, dependability, and topology needs, and additionally data center costings.


As the Partner of choice across Malaysia and the region, we can manage your entire process, from design through the build and the commissioning of a new data center facility. The build is managed by our distinct professionals and engineers as Prime Integrators and includes the comprehensive construction management and external contractor partners.


Deliver a consistently superior service life at high reliability and performance execution levels. We offer consulting for the creation or betterment of your data centre facility. Our appraisals clearly characterize data centre framework and operational issues, prompting real solutions to power and cooling capacities, operational quality, or energy efficiency. They additionally incorporate capacity surveys, analysis, an ITSM/ ITIL-based capacity evaluation particular to data centers.

Enerygy Consulting Services

GCM are professional suppliers of energy efficient data centers and infrastructure across Malaysia and the region. Using our experience, skills and in-depth knowledge of technology, GCM specializes in accomplishing performance optimization of date center environments. GCM gives basic power and cooling solutions for data centers, PC rooms and server rooms of all sizes with UPS power protection, physical monitoring and the latest data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software solutions.

We are centered around saving energy with our solutions from one to hundreds of racks and are intended to be flexible, scalable, resilient and are managed with the latest tools and support to ensure maximum availability.

GCM has been executing effective IT projects for a long time utilizing data center best practice worldwide. GCM understands the needs of IT Managers today, and working with our IT groups can provide sound, practical advice and assist to proactively and proficiently manage the data center infrastructure, providing an optimal IT system environment.

Co-location and Hosting Services

In today’s enterprise, many enterprises often seek for data centre relocation to increase overall data processing capacity, capability and throughput. However, many people acknowledge the complexity of DCR and it requires strenuous attempt and extensive preparation to reduce risk on operational interruptions and avoid overworking internal employees. At GCM, we invested heavily to equip our data centre with state-of-the-art facilities that are compliance to our client’s needs. Our aim is to provide you with a secure and robust environment necessary to host your business' critical systems at a fraction of the cost and human power.

Our Data Center in collabration with our DC Partner features world class Data Centre space facilities ready for Tier 3 modified but also flexible for construction of Tier 4 configuration. The data centre is designed and constructed by high caliber of professionals who have obtained Tier IV certification for Saudi Telecom data centre design from Uptime Institute Professional Body.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance team will ensure that our clients’ equipment are properly maintained for optimum performance. We also provide training to clients’ personnel to ensure proper usage of the equipment for best performance. Our service includes:

Periodic Inspection of Equipment
Scheduled preventive maintenance of equipment
Scheduled predictive maintenance
Service report upon completion of maintenance
Pro-active action plan on replacement/ reconditioning of the equipment.
24-Hours Technical Back-up
Fast on-site response
Trained specialist to attend to the various faults in the critical system environment.